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The Dark Side of the Sun
Space: Above and Beyond, episode 3 (1.3)

Last Modified: 28 Jun 2006 13:30:03

Morgan Weisser   IMDB   Nathan West
Kristen Cloke   IMDB   Shane Vansen
Rodney Rowland   IMDB   Cooper Hawkes
Joel de la Fuente   IMDB   Paul Wang
Lanei Chapman   IMDB   Vanessa Damphousse
James Morrison   IMDB   Tyrus Cassius "T.C." McQueen
Tucker Smallwood   IMDB   Commodore Ross

The 58th is assigned sentry duty on an asteroid where crucial fuel ore is mined, only to discover the mining base overrun by A.I. mercenaries intent on stealing the ore and selling it to the Alien forces. The 58th must stop the A.I.'s at all costs, and Shane is forced to confront these androids who murdered her parents.
Shane is haunted by nightmares of her ship flying into an exploding sun. As she is tossed into space, she drifts into the memory of her parents' murder by Silicates.

The 58th and Lt. Howard Gordon land on the Comet Bunuel to find themselves under attack by Silicates. They retreat into the industrial complex and discover the dead bodies of the miners who worked at the facility. While in the complex, Paul, Vanessa, and Cooper are captured by Al's commanded by Feliciti OH 519. By accessing an injured Al's RAM (Random Access Memory,) Shane and Nathan begin to track the Al's and their crew-mates down.

In an attempt to save the lives of the squadron, Cooper challenges Feliciti OH to "take a chance" at BlackJack; where the stakes are life and death. After Cooper loses 18 to 20, a Silicate (Jean-Paul) proceeds to carry out the execution. At the same time Nathan and Shane attack. While the rest of the Al's descend upon the squadron, Shane follows Feliciti. She discovers that the Silicates killed her parents for no particular reason; they were simply on the losing side of a coin toss. In a rampage, Shane kills Feliciti and Justin, saves the 58th, and shoots down the Al transport plane holding the stolen ore... but her nightmares do not stop.

By Sarah Stegall on 08 Jul 2003 08:00:34
For a thousand generations, the story of the one hundred Spartans who died to the last man at the battle of Thermopylae in the fifth century BC has served as a model of military heroism. "Obedient to her laws", the Spartans followed orders and held the pass long enough for the Greeks to rally their forces against the invading Persians. Their faithfulness to their mission cost them their lives and saved the Greeks. While following orders is not, in and of itself, an heroic act, the voluntary...

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