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The Angriest Angel
Space: Above and Beyond, episode 15 (1.15)

Last Modified: 28 Jun 2006 13:30:03

Morgan Weisser   IMDB   Nathan West
Kristen Cloke   IMDB   Shane Vansen
Rodney Rowland   IMDB   Cooper Hawkes
Joel de la Fuente   IMDB   Paul Wang
Lanei Chapman   IMDB   Vanessa Damphousse
James Morrison   IMDB   Tyrus Cassius "T.C." McQueen
Tucker Smallwood   IMDB   Commodore Ross
Tasia Valenza   IMDB   Lieutenant Kelly Anne Winslow

With the continuing carnage inflicted by a supercharged Alien bomber, Commander McQueen seeks reinstatement of his pilot status to personally take down this threat... once and for all.

By Kate Duncan on 08 Jul 2003 08:22:17
Last week's installment ("Never No More") was dark and cold, while "The Angriest Angel" blazes with heat - all of it generated by James Morrison as Tyrus Cassius McQueen. In an incendiary performance, he dominates every scene and firmly establishes McQueen in the realm of fictional heroes.

The episode begins as the colonel proceeds through an adrenalin-pumping sequence of calisthenics on the Saratoga's flight deck, the mood further heightened by a Beethoven adagio. We also hear McQueen's...

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