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R & R
Space: Above and Beyond, episode 19 (1.19)

Last Modified: 28 Jun 2006 13:30:03

Morgan Weisser   IMDB   Nathan West
Kristen Cloke   IMDB   Shane Vansen
Rodney Rowland   IMDB   Cooper Hawkes
Joel de la Fuente   IMDB   Paul Wang
Lanei Chapman   IMDB   Vanessa Damphousse
James Morrison   IMDB   Tyrus Cassius "T.C." McQueen
Tucker Smallwood   IMDB   Commodore Ross

During a long hammerhead patrol, tired from the constant working and fighting, the 58th are jumped by the Chigs and Hawkes almost ends up dead. Commodore Ross, seeing that his top squadron is over worked, orders them to take a weekend?s leave on the nearby pleasure ship Bacchus. However he is quick to point out, the 58th are not the same people they were when they joined. This turns out to be very true and it does not take long for them to find themselves in trouble.

By Kate Duncan on 08 Jul 2003 08:24:57
It's been a long patrol... and the 58th Squadron is flying in a hostile section of space when a bogey abruptly appears on their LIDAR screens. After an uneasy delay, Captain Vansen identifies it as the Bacchus, a wayfaring pleasure ship. "It's like Vegas, New York City, and Oz all rolled into one," Wang elaborates.

But they dare not pay attention to such distractions. Having flown six back-to-back sorties, the Marines are beyond exhaustion... and when a trio of Chig fighters attacks, West's...

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