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Sugar Dirt
Space: Above and Beyond, episode 21 (1.21)

Last Modified: 28 Jun 2006 13:30:03

Morgan Weisser   IMDB   Nathan West
Kristen Cloke   IMDB   Shane Vansen
Rodney Rowland   IMDB   Cooper Hawkes
Joel de la Fuente   IMDB   Paul Wang
Lanei Chapman   IMDB   Vanessa Damphousse
James Morrison   IMDB   Tyrus Cassius "T.C." McQueen
Tucker Smallwood   IMDB   Commodore Ross
Guest Cast:
Granville van Dusen   IMDB   General Weirick

The 58th along with many other squadrons attack Planet Demios with plans to capture it, but when they Chigs are ready, Earth forces get more then what they bargained for. Facing heavy losses, the brass are about ready to give up when word come that a window has opened for an major advancement. It could take years off the war and save millions of live, but they would have to abandon all the soldiers on Demios, including the 58th. They decide proceed and leave the Wildcards to face their darkest days of the war.

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