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Space: Above and Beyond episode guide: PalmPilot Episode Guide (Requires JFile 5.5).

#001 (1.1)
Org. Air Date: 24 Sep 1995
Years of calling out into the empty reaches of space have convinced man we are alone. But are we? A group of men, women and children stand together on the soil of a new planet, looking up to the stars as the flag of Earth is unfurled. But the peace of the
#002 (1.2)
The Farthest Man from Home
Org. Air Date: 01 Oct 1995
Special forces US Army Green Berets, headed by Capt. Joyner, board SCVN USS Saratoga with a survivor discovered on Planet Tellus uttering "I'm the Farthest Man From Home." Howard Sewell (from Aerotech Board of Directors who had Nathan thrown off Tellus mi
#003 (1.3)
The Dark Side of the Sun
Org. Air Date: 08 Oct 1995
Shane is haunted by nightmares of her ship flying into an exploding sun. As she is tossed into space, she drifts into the memory of her parents' murder by Silicates.

The 58th and Lt. Howard Gordon land on the Comet Bunuel to find themselves under attac
#004 (1.4)
Org. Air Date: 15 Oct 1995
Planet Groombridge 34 - SGT. MONK races the 58 back to the Saratoga. Suddenly - Chig ambush! Heavy fire and Monk takes a shot in the chest. Cooper tries to comfort him. Shane tells Cooper that they found transport to the Saratoga on a cargo ship, the MacA
#005 (1.5)
Ray Butts
Org. Air Date: 22 Oct 1995
A mysterious Hammerhead appears from nowhere off the Saratoga's bow. Attempts to communicate with it go unanswered. Ross and McQueen ponder the possibilities: Chigs flying a captured Hammerhead? A Silicate suicide bomber? Ross decides to deny it access to
#006 (1.6)
The Enemy
Org. Air Date: 12 Nov 1995
Vanessa Damphousse is under a preliminary inquiry by Ross for the "failure to obey an order" and "misbehavior before the enemy." She recalls this episode as she looks at the blood on her hand.

The 58th is on its way to drop supplies on Planet Tartarus
#007 (1.7)
Org. Air Date: 05 Nov 1995
The 58th Squadron's one week leave is canceled after the UN Secretary General Spencer Chartwell is assassinated by an In Vitro at New Delhi Stadium. Nicholas Chaput, acting world leader until the election, is in competition with Diane Hayden, US Ambassado
#008 (1.8)
Hostile Visit
Org. Air Date: 19 Nov 1995
Saratoga is attacked by alien bombers and left powerless for 10 seconds after being hit by a strange electrical charge. The responsible bomber hovers, apparently dead, 200 meters oft The Saratoga's bow.

Lt. Stroud, Krantz, and Webb analyze the ship but
#009 (1.9)
Choice or Chance
Org. Air Date: 26 Nov 1995
After crash landing on Kazbek, a hostile planet in Alien territory, the 58th are taken captive by Silicates. Cooper and McQueen manage to escape after the crash. They vow to return for their comrades. Inside the Kazbek mining facility, the 58th are parade
#010 (1.10)
Stay with the Dead
Org. Air Date: 03 Dec 1995
Nathan West is wheeled into an emergency room on the Saratoga, bleeding and clinging to life... and we learn from a nurse that the rest of the 58th Squadron, his friends, are dead.

McQueen sits beside Nathan, laid up and unconscious. Nathan wakes up an
#011 (1.11)
The River of Stars
Org. Air Date: 17 Dec 1995
Images of World War One dissolve into one another as Paul Wang, in a voice over, describes what has come to be known as "The Christmas Truce." British, French and German soldiers took a break from fighting on Christmas Day to bury their dead, exchange pho
#012 (1.12)
Who Monitors the Birds?
Org. Air Date: 07 Jan 1996
On a mysterious planet with two moons, Cooper and Major JACK COLQUITT assassinate a high level Chig officer from their hidden sniper nest. After confirming the kills, Cooper and Colquitt consult a hand-held electronic device. It reads:

"Extraction at 2
#013 (1.13)
Level of Necessity
Org. Air Date: 14 Jan 1996
#014 (1.14)
Never No More
Org. Air Date: 04 Feb 1996
#015 (1.15)
The Angriest Angel
Org. Air Date: 11 Feb 1996
#016 (1.16)
Toy Soldiers
Org. Air Date: 18 Feb 1996
#017 (1.17)
Dear Earth
Org. Air Date: 03 Mar 1996
#018 (1.18)
Org. Air Date: 24 Mar 1996
#019 (1.19)
R & R
Org. Air Date: 12 Apr 1996
#020 (1.20)
Org. Air Date: 19 Apr 1996
#021 (1.21)
Sugar Dirt
Org. Air Date: 20 Apr 1996
#022 (1.22)
And If They Lay Us Down to Rest...
Org. Air Date: 26 May 1996
#023 (1.23)
...Tell Our Moms We Done Our Best
Org. Air Date: 02 Jun 1996